Skin Care

Spa Specialists at The Salon & Spa at Mystic Hair are dedicated to taking your skin to a higher level of health and wellness. We believe in the commitment to treating and caring for your skin at home while offering a comprehensive system that continuously promotes skin health.

Signature Facial Treatment

Our Signature Facial Treatment is designed to sonically cleanse pores deeply while bringing your skin back to its natural balance.
75 minutes • From $108

Ultimate Indulgence Facial

Our Ultimate Indulgence Facial includes the sonic cleaning of our Signature Facial Treatment along with lymphatic drainage to detoxify and stimulate natural lymph movement revealing a fresher appearance. A customized mask targets your individual areas of concern.
90 Minutes • From $162

Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment

As a non-invasive treatment to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Our Facial Treatment reveals your skin’s healthy radiance as dead cells are removed through this mechanical form of exfoliation. Coupled with our Signature Facial Treatment, your skin is softer, smoother, brighter and more hydrated. 75 Minutes • $213 Recommended in a Series. Purchase Three Treatments & Receive Fourth Treatment Free.
Microdermabrasion Only • $100

Teen Acne/Pore Cleansing Treatment

Targeting problematic skin which includes deep pore cleansing & extractions followed by a smoothing calming mask plus helping to educate teenagers on the importance of good skin care.
60 Minutes • $90


Some peels are also available to be included with facials at an additional cost. Combination peels are also offered which vary in  price depending on peel types recommended.

Facial Peels

When deeper exfoliation is needed, our facial peels are designed to safely remove dead skin cells while stimulating new, healthy cells, thus leaving skin smooth and hydrated. We offer a superficial to medium depth peel. Deeper peels require a pre-treatment as well as an After-Care home regimen to ensure best results.
60 Minutes • From $109 and up


This is a technique whee outer layers of dead cells are exfoliated using a specialized blade to re-surface the skin helping to rid fine facial hairs in the process. This treatment can be followed by specialized masks & peels. It provides a better penetration of skin products.
Price • $65

*All pricing is subject to change without notice, each client may have different and specialized needs. Please confirm all pricing with your stylist before hand.

*All treatments include hand & arm massage accompanied with soothing warm mitts & booties.

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